What is the Attire for the Gold Star Gala?

The attire for the Gold Star Gala is Business Formal.  With that being said, we have been informed that some of the ladies intend to wear gowns, some full-length formal dresses, and others Cocktail Dresses.  For the Men, Suits and/or Sports Coat & Trousers with tie optional is the primary form of dress.


For Naples, we do relax the formality of attire, even though it is a Gala.  No Shorts or Beachwear permitted.

Is this a Political Event, what is the Agenda?

First and foremost, this event is to bring awareness of the children and families unfortunately left behind by the loss of a military family member and the mission of Operation 300 to help these children and families.  


Next, we want to pay tribute to those that serve and have served this great Nation through Military Service.


Sean Hannity and Special Guests have graciously dedicated their time to support Operation 300 and our Military.  While this is not billed as a political event, no doubt Sean Hannity and his Panel will discuss the current issues facing us all.

Will Sean Hannity really be there in person?

Surprisingly, we have had this question a few times.  YES!  Sean Hannity will be there with his guests, in person.

Is this a bunch of Speeches and PowerPoint Presentations?

No!  This Gala is unlike the many events you may have attended where you wished you would have brought an extra cushion to sit upon.  This is a fast-moving visual experience that tells the story of and celebrates the sacrifices made by our Veterans, Military and their Families. 

Will there be dancing?

Yes!  Saga Strings will get you moving during the concert portion of the night.

What time should I plan to arrive?

We suggest that you arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to your Ticket start time.

What happens to Protestors?

Anyone that attempts to Protest or whose behavior is deemed by the Producers as disturbing the peace of our Guests, Talent, or flow of the Event will be immediately removed from the event and hotel property.  


If you are asked to leave the Event due to your behavior, you will not receive or have the claim/recourse of a refund.


The Producers reserve and will execute the right of prosecution and/or civil litigation for such activity.

Can I feel safe at this event?

Wilson Scofield Productions takes your enjoyment and security at any of our events very seriously.  We meet with local law enforcement to determine security needs and potential threat levels prior to the event and act upon their recommendations.  We have law enforcement and medical staff at all of our events.


Are Tickets Available the Day of the Event?

No, you need to purchase tickets prior to the event.  Ticket sales close December 20th, 2018 or upon Sell Out, whichever may occur first.

When will I receive my Tickets?

Ticket Packs will be mailed out beginning November 30th, 2018.  

What is in my Ticket Pack?

Your Ticket Pack contains more than your Gold Star Gala Event Tickets. Based upon the type of tickets you purchased, your Ticket Pack will contain:


-Gold Star Gala Tickets
-VIP Event Details / Instructions (VIP Ticket Holders)
-Parking and Admission Information
-Printed Receipt of Ticket Purchase

I have VIP Tickets, can I bring something for Sean Hannity and/or Special Guests to autograph?

Absolutely, with the understanding that they must be willing to sign it.


In anticipation of your desire for autographs, we have designed the Gold Star Gala Auction Book / Program Guide in the highest, catalogue style, quality with room for each of our Special Guests to autograph their section for you. Again, as long as they are willing.

I have General Event Tickets, can I bring something for Sean Hannity and/or Special Guests to autograph or get a photo?

No. While you will be able to see Sean Hannity and Special Guests up-close, the request for personal photos and/or autographs is reserved for VIP Ticket holders only (during the VIP Event).


Why are you asking me for the names of my guests?

Actually, for a few reasons. First, we prefer to personalize the experience for all of our guests as much as possible. We know that your guests prefer to be recognized by name versus “Guest of.”


In the event that your guests do not arrive with you and do not have their tickets, we will not be able to admit them to the event without verifying their identity. If their name is not on our list, we cannot verify and admit them.


Finally, the security for this event is paramount and we need to know the names of those in attendance. If we do not have their names in advance of the event, they may be delayed in admission, and that is a situation we never want to put our guests through.

May I purchase a complete table at a discounted price?

Yes, while tickets are still available, we offer discounted pricing for those desiring to purchase a complete table.  Table sizes are as follows:


VIP Tables – 12 Guests  

For details and pricing please CLICK HERE



General Event Tables – 10 Guests

For details and pricing please CLICK HERE


Are my Tickets Tax Deductible?

Our automatic response is no, however, we are not your accountant or tax advisor.  Please ask the appropriate tax professional regarding your ticket cost deductibility.